Tilcon is skilled in the construction of paving and maintenance of roads. The art of paving a smooth and comfortable road surface is a multi-stage process that relies on communication and cooperation between different divisions within Tilcon’s Construction Department. The Estimating Department finds jobs to be paved, assess how long it will take, and then determine what will be needed to complete the job. The field crew prepares the roadway or parking lot for paving and then lays down asphalt over the defined area.

The start of this process occurs in the Estimating Department, where Tilcon first receives job plans. Then they determine how much it will cost to complete the job and submit the bid to the customer to get the contract for the job. The construction department and paving superintendents schedule jobs, put in supply orders for various items necessary to complete the job, such as machines and asphalt, and assign the preparation and paving crews to the jobs. The prep crew prepares a road by clearing out old pavement and creating a surface that can be paved on. The paving crew comes in last to finish the job—laying down fresh asphalt, making the pavement smooth, and making sure that each job is completed with safety, integrity, and high quality.

Construction Opportunities:

 Traffic Control Coordinator

  • Directs traffic on job site when roads are closed off or cars must be directed around equipment.
  • Qualifications: Experience with traffic control, Special TCC training course certification.

Equipment Operator:

  • Operates equipment including roller machine and screed asphalt paver (machine that lays down asphalt).
  • Qualifications: Certification from Union Training Operator Program (for general or specific machine), High School Education, experience with grade-control electronics (can be trained), Must be 18 years or older.


  • Performs various tasks around job site as needed
  • Qualifications: Must be in good physical condition, Must be 18 years or older, some training as a laborer (such as Union Laborer Training Program)


  • Uses rake to follow paving machine and smooth over asphalt joints, maintain a certain depth of asphalt and ensure consistent grade
  • Qualifications: Must be 18 years or older, High School Education, Experience with grade control electronics, physically capable of lifting and pushing asphalt as needed from supervisor/ foreman instruction.

Paving Foreperson

  • Supervises paving crew to ensure job is being done efficiently, communication with supervisors to interpret plans/specifications, communication with asphalt plant to track production progress and keep trucks running efficiently between plant and job site.


  • High School education or equivalent, 2+ years of construction/paving industry experience, working knowledge and experience with grade control electronics and ability to oversee/ communicate well with workers on entire job site in order to complete job in a safe and timely fashion.